Dental Assistant

Hello! I’m Janel, a dental assistant at Rupenthal for nearly two years. I have over 18 years experience in the dental industry and hold an expanded functions dental assistant certification from Ivy Tech Lafayette. I really enjoy meeting new people, and I also really enjoy making temporary crowns. My favorite part of my job is starting down a treatment journey with a patient and getting to see the positive end result. I also want all my patients to know the importance of brushing with an electric toothbrush and flossing every day!

My family includes my husband Steve, two children Katlin and Zach, five grandchildren Nellie, Harry, Micah, Matilda and Archie, and two dachshunds Daisy and Hazel. I love Mexican food, pizza, and baking cookies. I like to spend my free time sunbathing, swimming, fishing and camping. I once was on The Price is Right!

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