Kathey Berndt

Lead Expanded Functions Dental Assistant (EFDA)

Hello! My name is Kathey. I received my certifications in Dental Assisting, EFDA, Coronal Polishing, and Fluoride Application from Indiana University Northwest. I bring over 25 years experience to Rupenthal Dentistry where I love to educate our patients about making good oral health decisions. One motivation I use to encourage my patients to practice good daily hygiene is eating, which most everyone likes to do. When your teeth are healthy you have more freedom to enjoy all the foods available.

You might be surprised to know that I’ve shaken George Clooney’s hand—twice! I was at the premiere for his movie, “Oceans 13” and I didn’t hold back from introducing myself. And, well, once just wasn’t enough, so I had to shake his hand again. Besides shaking George’s hand, I enjoy traveling, gardening and outdoor exercise. My family includes my husband and three children.

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