Below are answers to some of our most-asked questions.

I have a toothache. Should I come in?

If your tooth is bothering you, don’t wait for it to get worse to come see us. You may have a cavity or a nerve/root issue. Come in for an appointment and we will determine the cause of the problem. Postponing treatment can cause the problem to get worse and can lead to serious health issues.

I broke my tooth. Can it be fixed?

Don’t ignore a broken tooth! If you leave a broken tooth untreated, it can break and crack further, causing more serious oral health issues. We will look at the location and severity of the break to figure out the best treatment option is.

I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, can you still help me?

We understand that keeping up with dental care can be something you may put off. But we’re here with no judgment  to get you back on track with regular cleanings and checkups. To begin, we will check your teeth for cavities and other issues and address any problems you may have. We will then create a treatment plan that you can easily stick to.

I need a cleaning. Can I come in to see the hygienist?

We recommend two thorough cleanings at the office per year. If you haven’t seen us (or any dentist) in a while, a professional cleaning is a smart idea. Contact the office to set up a general cleaning appointment and get those teeth sparkling and smooth!

I’m afraid of the dentist. Can you help ease my anxiety?

Many people dread going to the dentist. Fear of the unknown is at the core. We will do everything we can to keep you as comfortable and calm as possible. If your anxiety is sky-high, we can talk about medication to make your appointment more tolerable. We also have an anti - anxiety blanket that cuddles you into comfort to make your dental appointment comfortable.

I don’t have dental insurance. Can I still see Dr. Rupenthal?

Yes, we will see any patient, regardless of their insurance status. We suggest you ask about our RD Benefit Plan to save you money. We also offer 10% off if you don’t carry insurance and pay via cash or check at the time of your appointment. Inquire about financing too.

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