Dental Sealants

dentist chatting happily with his patientDental sealants are a quick and simple way to help stop tooth decay. This pain-free procedure is designed to protect the chewing teeth (your back teeth with deep grooves).

How are dental sealants applied?

For the sealants process, we will dry your back teeth and paint the sealant coating right on top. We will then wait for the sealants to harden. The entire process only takes a few minutes but can protect your teeth for years to come. When you come in for your dental cleanings, we will check your sealants and reapply them as we see fit.

What are the benefits of dental sealants?

There are many benefits of dental sealants. For one, the entire sealant process only takes minutes to complete. The results last for years, and they are safe for both children and adults. Sealants are tooth colored and undetectable and won’t distract from your smile.

How do sealants work?

Dental sealant forms a protective barrier for your tooth enamel. Because of this barrier, plaque and food particles will not get trapped in the grooves and ridges of your teeth. The grooves of your teeth can be hard to reach and difficult to thoroughly clean. Sealants help to protect these vulnerable areas, and can prevent tooth decay and cavity formation.

Who is a good candidate for dental sealants?

Usually, we recommend dental sealants for children, because they are not as good at brushing their back teeth and can benefit from the extra protection. Adults who are prone to developing cavities are also good candidates for this procedure.

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