Dental Hygiene Appointments

Teeth ExtractionsIt is in your best interest to keep up with regular dental hygiene appointments for preventative and proactive care of your teeth and gums. Good oral hygiene is the cornerstone to a clean and healthy mouth which could otherwise develop into serious issues if not addressed.

Why is oral hygiene important?

  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Prevents plaque
  • Wards off gingivitis - a mild form of gum disease
  • Prevents periodontal disease
  • Prevents inflammation
  • Wards off infection
  • Decreases chance of tooth decay/loss
  • Fosters fresh breath

Why are regular exams necessary?

Even if you feel fine - no pain or signs of cavities, decay, etc. - it is still important to keep your regular checkups so that we can clean and evaluate your teeth for signs of gum disease, cavity formation, cracks, chips, or other oral issues. Sometimes our team can spot issues in their early stages before you even begin to show symptoms. Staying on top of your oral care can save you a lot of time, money, and pain from fixing more serious problems down the line.

How often do I need to come in for a dental hygiene appointment?

It is advised that you come to the office twice per year on average. We will remind you when it’s time for your 6-month visit. If you are a smoker or are prone to gum disease or tooth decay, we may suggest you see us more frequently. We can discuss how often you should come see us at your next appointment.

What will happen during the exam?

Dental hygiene examinations are thorough and careful, as our dental hygienists take their time going over your tooth, gums, tongue, lips, and inner cheeks. We want to make sure everything looks healthy and you leave the dental office with a sparkling smile. We will clean your teeth by removing surface stains as well as scrape away any tartar buildup. We will also floss to remove any debris, and offer a fluoride treatment if needed. Each tooth will be examined for decay, and your gums will be evaluated for signs of gum disease. If it’s time for your X-rays, we will administer a set in the exam room. Before or after the exam, we will take time to chat about how you regularly care for your teeth and gums - how often you brush and floss, which products you use, and so on. We will talk about any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing, any sensitivity issues, or related concerns. We will give you tips on how you can improve your oral self-care, so the results of your next exam improve.

What should I do before my exam?

As always, you should brush and floss regularly, we recommend twice a day for brushing and once a day for flossing. Although we’ll be tending to your teeth thoroughly, prior to your appointment, we suggest you brush and floss as usual, especially if you’ve recently eaten. Don’t forget to bring any medical paperwork you may have as well as dental insurance information. If you have questions or concerns, remember to address them with one of our friendly staff members. Please show up on time! And most importantly, relax, you’re in good hands at Rupenthal Dentistry.

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